We live in extraordinary times.
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by cultivating values-driven, innovative organizations 
that unleash passion and
a deep sense of unity. 


Take a quantum leap.
Introducing the

Conscious Creators
Learning Experience.



"No problem can be solved from the same

consciousness that created it."

--Albert Einstein


About alicia and Michael

As head of the Culture Company, I build values-driven cultures fueled by high-trust relationships that unleash passion, productivity and prosperity at work.  After our work together, clients commonly experience significant growth, and receive industry recognition such as best place to work and best in their industry awards. I am currently writing my next book on values-driven cultures.


Clients include the Ford Foundation, International Monetary Fund, United Nations, Levi’s, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Inter-American Foundation, World Resources Institute, and the Arlington Community Federal Credit Union.


Formerly I worked as Culture and Communications Strategist for Mary’s Gone Crackers, helping the company leverage its core values to drive significant growth. I am a Fulbright Scholar, an award-winning author of two books, a Brown University graduate and am fluent in English and Spanish. My passion for transforming culture to drive results stems from my multicultural background. I lived in Asia, Latin America and North America and spent seven years collaborating with masters of tribe-building: Panama's Emberá, Wounaan and Kuna Indigenous Peoples.


I practice meditation, and live in Arlington, VA with my husband Lorne Epstein in a neighborhood of front porches, community dinners, and spontaneous games.

As head of C'EST WHAT?, the mindful innovation firm based in Portland, I have helped organizations achieve growth and prosperity by galvanizing teams to think and act differently. My upcoming book Craving the Future explores the connection between human desire and innovation.


Previously I served as Senior Director for Levi's Global Marketing and Consumer Insights Departments. I used the science of how our brains work to lead breakthrough product innovations that generated over $600 million in new revenue streams. After my work with Levi's, I became “Dean of Innovation” for the Gap, where I trained more than 3,000 employees to use their imaginative capacity to innovate new products and customer experiences. 

Client experience includes Adidas, Fair Trade USA, Starbucks, Google, General Mills, Nike, Banana Republic, Gap, Levi’s, Old Navy, Canine Companions for Independence and the Naval Postgraduate School.   


During my thirty-year career, I have used empathy to step into thousands of people's shoes to understand the aspirations and desires that drive them. I have used these ethnographic insights, garnered by going to where people live, work and play, to drive development of new products, experiences and business models.  


I am a meditation practitioner and live in Portland, Oregon with my wife and a dog named Artemis.


"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, 

there is a garden.

I will meet you there."


How We Can help

Your organization evolve


The Conscious Creators Learning Experience provides a flexible modular approach for unifying teams and leading values-driven innovation. 

Based in science, the flexible modules to work with are: 

Values, Empathy, Mindfulness, Creativity and Creating from Wholeness.

In this learning experience, participants learn skills to access their best selves and learn the neuroscience behind why each is important. Skills help people:

  • Make more thoughtful, values-driven decisions and contributions. 

  • Build strong relationships by moving beyond positions toward shared understanding.

  • Spur values-driven innovation by accessing their creative mind.

Sessions are flexible - based on 25 unique modules to serve your unique situation. 


Innovation is based on the ability to conceive alternative realities and to act courageously upon those visions.


We live in divided times. To meet our greatest aspirations, we must build cultures that access our common ground and collective creativity.


In this multi-sensory experiential keynote or workshop, your two presenters showcase methodologies for transforming individuals into collectives inspired to engage in massive, mindful and socially conscious innovation. You will:

  • Understand how fusing authentic relationship with collective desire fuels innovation.

  • Learn tools to unify collectives around shared vision and innovative action. 



This consulting suite of services is for the organization that craves transforming its culture to create organization-wide alignment behind one source code—awakened purpose, values and cultural identity.


Our services build future-facing organizations that pivot with rapidly evolving environments and make a positive difference in the world. We help you create a 'we culture' that is purpose-driven, synchronous, and fueled by mindfully innovative thinking.

Our consulting services help you:


  • Activate the organizational source code you need to confidently meet a changing landscape from a core identity that is constant.


  • Create innovative values-driven products, services, experiences and processes.


  • Leverage collective events to unify your workforce, shape common vision, and drive organization-wide  commitment.

  • Map your culture assets and benchmark progress.


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Culture Creator​

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Michael Perman

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