January 27, 2017

Almost four years ago my husband Lorne and I bought a home with a beautiful garden.

I loved looking at the garden, but wondered, “Who’s going to take care of it?”

That’ll be your job,” Lorne and I each thought of the other.

With no one taking ownership, the weeds began t...

January 24, 2017

With the loss of my husband Lorne's father in 2016, and my own father recovering from a series of small strokes (he is doing great and back in full swing with his speaking and writing), the year was marked by a sense of mortality. Mortality is an interesting thing.  It...

January 24, 2017


That’s what I did last year. I paused taking on new culture clients to tend to things I’d been punting.

My husband Lorne and I made the decision after high stress months in our professional lives. Lorne was taking long trips to India and working 12 hour days. I wa...

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