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Prepare Your Workforce to Lead the Future with Training for an Innovator Mindset

Based on two decades of honing best practices with top innovation companies, the Orange Grove Nine Innovator Mindset E-Course is highly interactive, actively engaging and visually impactful. Your teams become protagonists of the future. 

  • Learn the nine essential skills for navigating rapidly changing landscapes. 

  • Align teams with common language and skills. 

  • Energize your organization with values-led content that inspires what's next.

Watch the E-Course Opening

We will send you a link to the full 12-minute open of the Orange Grove Nine Innovator Mindset e-course (that's also a joy to watch!)

Learn the nine skills that matter most for building

a culture of innovation. 

Throughout the e-course, your teams stay motivated with captivating videos, interactive "knowledge checks," downloadable worksheets and community conversations. 


The Innovator Mindset E-Course:

What Your Teams Learn

Set Your Direction for Your Best Future. Identify the right innovation challenge to forge a successful values-led future. 

Skill 1: Imagine Your Future

Skill 2: Define Your Creative Quest

Skill 3: Ignite Your Values


Get into Flow for Aligned Action. Create unified teams that innovate with purpose and direction.

Skill 4: Build Your Team

Skill 5: Navigate Turbulence

Skill 6: Pause Consciously

Go into the World to Meet Your Market. Capture insights that generate ideas to lead your industry. 

Skill 7: Listen Generously

Skill 8: Gather Insights

Skill 9: Test Your Prototype

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