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About Orange Grove Nine

Our mission is to wake up people and organizations to shape and unify—at all levels of society—a juicy, values-driven future.


Orange Grove Nine provides a unique portfolio of content, experiences, research, and strategic consulting that merge conscious culture with values-led innovation to help organizations prosper during times of turbulence.


Our principals, Alicia Korten and Michael Perman, have deep experience in culture-building and organizational innovation strategy, insights, and foresights for consumer-focused brands.


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Why Oranges?

As a young girl, Alicia's mother played amidst the orange trees at her cousin's house in Redlands, California. A place of love and laughter, the orange grove came to symbolize for Alicia an abundant, joyful and values-based life. 

A frequent visitor of farmers markets, Michael has always been drawn to the big, vibrant piles of fresh oranges. Juicy, colorful, sweet and sensational - for Michael oranges represent what we crave. And craving is the fuel that pulls a vision out of the dreamscape and into reality. 


For Alicia and Michael, the orange grove is a symbol of creative abundance and awakened purpose--your juicy organizational future. In many traditions, the numeral nine is a lucky number that represents both completion and infinite possibility. 

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