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Orange Grove Nine is waking up organizations to shape a phenomenal VALUES-DRIVEN FUTURE.

Orange Grove Nine is a collaboration between culture creator and author Alicia Korten and innovation leader and former executive for Levi's and the Gap Michael Perman. 


Through immersive learning experiences and consulting services, our focus is to build an awakened workforce of Conscious Creators.


Our co-creative processes unify teams and build their capacity for values-based innovation. 

Alicia's expertise in shaping values-based cultures builds aligned organizations. Michael's experience unlocking imagination moves ideas from fuzzy to fruition. Together Alicia and Michael help organizations lead the future by establishing authentic community and creative mastery.

Orange Grove Nine leverages the latest thinking in neuroscience, building tribe and unleashing innovation to evolve your forward-facing organization.  

Why Oranges?

As a young girl, Alicia's mother played amidst the orange trees at her cousin's house in Redlands, California.  A place of love and laughter, the orange grove came to symbolize for Alicia an abundant, joyful and values-based life. 

A frequent visitor of farmers markets, Michael has always been drawn to the big, vibrant piles of California oranges. Juicy, colorful, sweet and sensational - for Michael oranges represent what we crave. And craving is the fuel that pulls a vision out of the dreamscape and into reality. 

For Alicia and Michael, the orange grove is a symbol of creative abundance and awakened purpose--your juicy organizational future. In many traditions, the numeral nine is a lucky number that represents both completion and infinite possibility. 

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